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Will Writing

Having a Will written for you is one of the most important things you can do for your families security. A will can also help ease the burden at a families most painful time.

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Your Will is our Command

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Without a will the Government decides who gets what of your estate when you die. Its called Intestacy and it works according to specific rules that don’t suit many people!

Cohabiting rather than married? With Intestacy your partner gets nothing without a fight!

Never quite finalised that divorce and now have another family? With Intestacy your Ex partner is entitled to a huge amount!

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People without a Will in the UK

Average Estate Value in 2017 including Property, Cash, non business assets


Percentage of People who plan on doing a will "later in life"

* Figures from research undertaken by survey on wills dated 02/10/2017

We can Help with

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Writing a will

Whether it is a simple single will, Mirror wills or a more complex will including guardians of small children, we can help make it a reality. Learn More

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Funeral Plans

Funeral Costs have escalated dramatically in recent years. Pre Paying for your funeral takes a weight off everyones shoulders and makes the grieving process easier for those left behind. Learn More

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Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA as its commonly known is a means in which you give someone the authority to act on your behalf if you become incapacitated for any reason. Learn More

Speak with a Will Consultant?

We don’t bite and we speak about wills and will writing in plain English not legalese gobbledegook. If you have a question go ahead and ask it – there are no stupid questions. Call 01273 92 18 17

Articles and Case Studies

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Accidental Sideways Disinheritance Case Study

Accidental Sideways Disinheritance Case Study Mr & Mrs A.  - Accidental Sideways Disinheritance Case StudyMr and Mrs A. had been married for a while, live in a detached house and also have investments with a everything together being worth £650,000. They both...

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Property Protection Trust – Case Study

 Property Protection Trust  Case Study Mr & Mrs Jones  - Property Protection Trust  Case StudyMr and Mrs Jones wanted to ensure that their children were able to inherit something upon their passing - even if one of them required long term care, but also...

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How Much does a “Free” DIY Will actually cost?

How Much does a "Free" DIY Will actually cost?  - Case Description When is a DIY "Free" last Will and Testament not a Free Will? When you have to appoint an executor with charges of upto 6% of the estate value. Or If your will is invalid due to a mistake You...

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