Guardianship of Children

Who would look after the children?

– Adding Guardians into a Will

If you have children under the age of 18, adding the names of the guardians you would like to look after your children if the worst happened and both parents unfortunately died is one of the most important parts of your will.

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Guardians for the children

Adding Guardians into a will is something that every parent with children under 18 should do. Without this, should the unthinkable happen and both parents are lost then the “system” would automatically take control of the childrens future. Do not think that they would automatically end up with a family member!

Even with guardians named and specified within a will, social services would still run all the relevant checks to establish whether they are happy with the situation. Making sure that guardians named in the will have some help financially from the estate to look after the children is quite often very helpful.

We can help make adding guardians for young children into your will very straightforwards.

Key Points for Guardians


Somebody age appropriate - A 70 year old Grandmother might not be cut out for toddlers anymore.


Who would provide the least amount of change - think schools, clubs, friend networks etc.


Are they able to cope with the extra burden financially - would they need help from the estate?


Most Importantly - would they give the unconditional love that the children would need!

Guardians added Free of Charge

Many parents find thinking about such things “difficult” and as a parent of two small girls I completely agree! However it is something that I feel that all Parents should do as a matter of urgency. As such, it is something that I add into every will that I write free of charge for parents with small children.

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