How Much does a “Free” DIY Will actually cost?


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When is a DIY “Free” last Will and Testament not a Free Will? When you have to appoint an executor with charges of upto 6% of the estate value. Or If your will is invalid due to a mistake You made, then the people you wanted to benefit from your will might not get what you wanted!

Sussex Wills Last-Will-and-Testament How Much does a "Free" DIY Will actually cost?

Why use a Will Writer?

A trained Will Writer will be well versed in the what if’s and maybe’s that occur in everybodies lives and how to write in the unforeseen circumstances that can leap out of the woodwork at any single one of us.

Lets face it if you own your own home here in Sussex then its a very good probability that your will is likely to involve hundreds of thousands of pounds. That makes your will worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to somebody… Surely that means that it is worth doing it right?

For example – An incorrectly witnessed Will could cost your next of kin hundreds of thousands of pounds. If you have used the wrong people to witness your homemade DIY will, then its not worth the paper it is written on.

Wills that are not clear are open to legal challenge, if that challenge is sucessfull then the will is invalid. Your wishes will not be met if the Will is invalid – the laws of intestacy will apply instead.

Cheap online wills generally insert clauses appointing themselves as executors with rates charged at upto 6% of the estate value. You £19.99 will could cost your beneficiaries 6% of your £400,000 estate – thats £24,000 at a later date.

Even the High Street Banks were doing it – giving themselves the right to appoint executors to the will without anyone elses consent and charging 2.5%  for the privilege – read here in the Daily Mail



We have a chat with you to learn what you would like to happen


The first draft of a will is made.


We get our Will Writing Federation to check the draft will to ensure it does what is wanted.


Two sets of Eyes are always better than one.


We ensure that your final Will is both signed and witnessed correctly

Professional Will Writers

A professionally drafted Will written by us, checked by our Will Writing Federation and fully covered by £2,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance can be written for only £199

Thats got to be cheaper than an invalid will surely?

Professional Will Writers

DIY Wills

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