Pre-Paid Funeral Plan


– Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is perfect for those people who like to stay in control to the very end. Pre-paid Funeral Plans make sure your family are not left with a hefty bill at a difficult time and fix tomorrows funeral at todays prices.

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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans can help guard against the inflation of rising funeral prices. They can also help slightly with inheritance tax as the money paid towards a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is not counted as part of your estate. If you had just put that money to one side in a savings account for example then any money in that account could be subject to inheritance tax as it would form part of your estate.

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans can be paid either all in one simple payment or they can be paid on a monthly basis – which ever is the best option for you. If you are buying a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan along with our Will Writing service we can include the details in your will, your loved ones will then have the full details easily  available at the difficult and emotional time.

Key Points


Pre-Paid Funeral Plans can guard against inflation and rising funeral prices.


Monthly payments or lump sum payment.


Help Guard against unnecessary inheritance tax payments.


Burial or Cremation Options.

Final Result

With your funeral paid for and planned as you want it you can rest assured that your relatives are not struggling to work out what you wanted. What music you would have liked. Whether you wanted a basic ceremony or a more lavish affair. You make the decision!

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