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– Secure Document Storage

We offer to all of our Will Writing Clients a fully secure, temperature and humidity controlled storage environment for their wills and other legal documents. Your bureau or filing cabinet at home is not secure enough to store sensitive documents like wills – who would benefit if your will could not be found for example.

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Why have Secure Document Storage

Your will is a very valuable legal document that controls what happens to your money in the event of your passing. Think how much money that document actually controls and you can then realise its actual value to someone.

What would happen if your will was lost, stolen or damaged and it became voided? Who would lose out if that happened?

We work alongside a company who provide secure storage solutions to Legal and financial professionals to offer a comprehensive secure Will storage solution. They have tens of thousands of wills in secure humidity controlled storage with state of the art security.

As an added bonus with our Secure Document Storage the executors  named within your will will also receive a certificate and leaflets about where the will is stored so you can be sure that it can never be misplaced.

Secure Document Storage


Valuable documents stored safely.


Humidity and temperature controlled secure storage.


Certificates showing location posted out to executors.


Store your will and Lasting Power of Attorney.

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